The Daily Rail: Is CRM Your Next Favorite Acronym?

GUESTS: 3 Tricks to Increase Sports Bars’ Online Reviews

Our favorite athletes need to think about their reputation when it comes to signing bigger contracts and sponsorships/endorsements. It comes down to more than just physical attributes; but it is also their reputation off the field too. They need to make sure they are reviewed in a good light by fans and critics. The same applies to sports bars, which need to make sure that regulars and newcomers alike have a reason to come to your location. Here’s how you can increase your bar’s online review backlog to give people even more of a reason to come to your sports bar.


Gritty Beer

Gritty, the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot, looks like a Sesame Street character got hooked on meth. It’s what makes him horrifying and yet somehow endearing to fans. Well, now he’s got a beer named after him. ARS recently announced the release of Gritty Gruel, a Gritty-inspired pastry-stuffed stout that includes ingredients like donuts, coffee and lactose. And the can has Gritty’s soulless eyes staring back at you. *shudders*

Jeff Sessions the Latest Departure

Yesterday, President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump criticized him for months, primarily due to Sessions refusing to oversee the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. As can be seen from the following infographic based on a USA Today report, Sessions' departure is only the latest staff shakeup at the White House. 

Infographic: Trump Administration: The Departed  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Pay Day

Amazon is rolled out its $15 minimum wage. Many of its competitors have hopes of hitting a $15 minimum wage in the near future but have been unable to pursue it as quickly as Amazon. Target's minimum wage stands at $12, Costco's is currently $14 per hour, and Walmart currently has an $11 hourly wage. And while retail isn’t a direct competitor of yours in terms of customers, they are in terms of the workforce.

Infographic: Amazon Pay Raises Leave Competitors Flat-Footed | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: Let your guests tell you who they are and what they need through CRM.

When asked if they know what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software does, most restaurant operator’s eyes glaze over quickly. Have you ever been shopping for something online and later seen an ad for exactly the same product on another site you are visiting? This is a form of CRM. It tracks the behavior of a contact/customer that has shown interest in your business. The idea is that if you can track the guest’s behavior, you can anticipate them with offers, marketing or information that will encourage them to return. With the White House Office of Consumer Affairs claiming it’s 6-7X more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one, there should be no doubt you need any tools available to facilitate that…which is exactly what CRM does. 

With CRM, you can see your guests’ choices over time and their visiting patterns. Then you can begin to classify behavior that you can influence to your advantage. We often discuss the value of new technologies, but we would assert CRM is among the most valuable. If for the sole reason that its return on investment is so simple to track. The whole purpose of CRM is to add metrics to behavior that you can then drive with your marketing.

We don’t have a specific relationship with any CRM providers in the restaurant space, but there are quite a few out there. Known players include Toast POS, Punchh, EatAPP and Gather. If you are ready to know more about your own guests and use that to your advantage then CRM is definitely the path for you.

[Source: ToastTab]


Why it matters to you: It’s time to rethink lunch and where brunch can step up.

When McDonald’s announced all day breakfast, they immediately experienced a significant sales boost. Everyone said it was brilliant and would set the trend, but honestly, weren’t they just following the trend in casual dining towards more brunch and breakfast items?

With so many lunch menus filled with the same old stuff, try adding some breakfast items and see how they perform. If they do well, then you know you are on to something with your guests. The best part of any brunch-like item is that they lend themselves to creativity.

Cool hashes, interesting items made with waffles, and any riff on Eggs Benedict are all simple and fun items to add to your lunch/brunch menu -- or even to serve all day. With guests already seeking cuisine that is both healthy and flavorful, brunch also presents an opportunity to deliver on both fronts. A simple step like serving on organic free-range eggs, you can deliver a perceived healthy option at a premium price. Start slow and just add a couple of lunch specials that are brunch based. See how your guests respond. Allow them to try any items that might one day be hits on your all day brunch offering…just sayin’. 

[Source: FSRMagazine]