The Daily Rail: Is it OK for Bars Turn Away Groups of Men Without Women?

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Here's a fun and tasty frozen milkshake recipe, perfect for restaurants looking to sweeten up their drink menus this spring & summer. Frozen drink season is almost here, so restaurant operators should start planning now. This first drink recipe gets real creative. A donut on a milkshake? Yes, please!


Higher Minimum Wage…

A new poll by the National Restaurant Association suggests American diners are overwhelmingly in favor (71%) of a $10 minimum wage even if it means higher menu prices. Can’t imagine the NRA is too happy about the results of this poll as they’ve actively been against raising the min-wage. Just under a third of diners said they’d prefer to keep the min-wage the same as it is now “even if the average food service employee can’t make ends meet.” Ouch.

Boom in Home Health Aides Since the Recession

A Careerbuilder report has revealed the jobs that are thriving since the end of the recession. Home health aides have seen the fastest growth rates of any occupation nationally from 2007 to 2017 with nearly 300,000 jobs added, a 46% increase from 10 years ago. Web developers are also seeing increasing demand for their services with 38% growth in jobs during the same time. Veterinary technologist and technicians are the third-fastest growing job, with numbers up 32% since 2007. 

Infographic: The Occupations Growing The Fastest Since The Recession | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Did the BBC Predict the Tide Pod-Eating Obsession?

In 1981, the BBC ran a miniseries called The Day of the Triffids which was, literally, about the apocalypse. A scene from the movie shows a woman sitting on the street corner, tightly gripping a box of Tide. She furiously opens the box to eat Tide. Check the clip here.


Why it matters to you: Some bars will turn away groups of men without women, but is that ok?

We’re sure everyone has seen or been a part of a group of guys getting turned away from a bar or club because they weren’t with any women. This happens more often than it really should, and people are now wondering: is this practice fair or legal? We view this as a very antiquated way to run a bar or nightclub. That said, we also understand (slightly) where the owners are coming from due to the history of how clubs have been run since their inception.

These nightclubs used to (and by a large extent still do) make their money by attracting single people in who’d like to meet, and spend money on each other. The kicker is for a long time it was only for straight, cis-gendered people. If there were too many men in these clubs, then it is more intimidating for women to show up and, in turn, less tempting for men because the ratio is off. Plus, larger groups of men mixed with alcohol in a small area also tends to lead to more violence which is a pain for club employees and managers to deal with. And bad for reputation.

Straight and lesbian couples were always ok (“better to have too many women than not enough”), but gay men would not be due to this business ratio (and probably a slew of homophobia).

We’d like to think that by 2018 these discriminatory “rules” set by bars and clubs would be long gone, but it is certainly not the case. Hopefully they’ll fall into heavy decline but we’re not holding our collective breath. Homophobia, racism, sexism, and harassment might have largely gone underground but they still rear their ugly heads often. It is up to us as a culture to further eradicate these behaviors in whatever ways we can. The perpetrators of these instances of bigotry are dinosaurs, and we should be progressing forward from it. Maybe the group of men are straight; maybe they’re gay. It doesn’t matter. And if you need a business reason for it, just think of the bad PR you’ll get if it comes out you’re turning certain groups of people away.



Why it matters to you: It certainly shouldn’t but it does matter deeply to the Internet right now.

Have you ever sat back and thought about whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich? No? Oh, that is probably because that thought crosses almost nobody’s mind ever. Popular Science published an article about the Apollo 13 astronauts having some thoughts on the matter which has in turn led the Internet into debating this insanely unimportant topic. Merriam-Webster even weighed in. We chalk it up to longing for a distraction from the news and current events combined with having too much time on our hands. People need some hobbies.

So, what is our take you (certainly didn’t) ask? Let’s state a fact: a sandwich is generally two pieces of bread with something in between them. Are these the components of a hot dog? Yes. Would you be creeped out and call the police if someone asked for a hot dog sandwich? Unequivocally. That person is a serial killer and the police must know as soon as you are done running to a safe distance. End debate. /sarcasm

So, the item in question fits the description but the categorization sounds weird. Also nobody on the planet refers to a hot dog in such a way. Who needs to categorize these things? Just let the hot dogs be hot dogs. On to the next one Internet. We are going to go have a cheeseburger sandwich now….. :)