How to Make the Easy f’real DonutZilla Freak Shake [Sponsored Frozen Drink Recipe]

If you live in the Northeast, you might not realize it, but frozen drink season is right around the corner. Every year, operators struggle with these highly profitable and really satisfying drinks. The same old stuff gets rolled out and we thought you could use something completely different.

Enter the Easy f’real DonutZilla Freak Shake. This shake is just so darn fun to serve.

The combination of strawberry milkshake, sprinkles and the over the top donut presentation will sell itself. All you’ll need is one of these bad boys to get ordered on a warm July afternoon. Perfect as an pre-meal drink or even a sweet dessert item. 

The f’real system makes this even easier to achieve by making sure your product is consistent and fantastic. So, add this killer frozen concoction to your summer drink menu and watch fly out from behind your bar.

How to make the Easy f’real DonutZilla Freak Shake:

  1.  Blend a strawberry f’real milkshake
  2. Circle rim of a milkshake glass with Rich’s On Top
  3. Roll rim in rainbow sprinkles
  4. Pour in f’real milkshake
  5. Add generous amounts of Rich’s On Top
  6. Add a donut with rainbow sprinkles, and a straw and serve.

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