The Daily Rail: Burgerville Employees Become First Fast-Food Union

TRAINING: What Operators Can Learn from the Starbuck’s Race Controversy

Here’s how a breakdown in Starbuck’s staff training and disconnect in policies led to the unnecessary arrest of two black guests. Plus, how operators can improve their restaurant’s training to include racial-bias awareness & training improvements.


GOP’s “Cost Cutting” Will Hit the Needy the Hardest

80% of the farm bill’s spending is on nutrition programs but House Republicans are aiming to make the work requirements tougher to benefit from the program. The bill will slash $20 billion from the program (which includes SNAP) over the next decade. SNAP recipients are given, on average, $1.40 per meal. The bill was written without any Democratic insight.

Is It OK to Stiff a Waiter?

Your serving staff pretty much lives off their tips and can get stiffed pretty harshly for mistakes well out of their control. But is it ever OK for guests to not tip your wait team? According to Thrillist, the answer is yes -- but under very rare circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of their Tip/Don’t Tip scenarios.

Pizza Smuggler

If you smuggle pizza recipes into North Korea are you still called a bootlegger? A South Korean artist smuggled pizza recipes into North Korea on 500 DVDs after Kim Jon-il and his cronies wouldn’t let regular citizens taste the wonders that is pizza.


Why it matters to you: Burgerville employees just became the first federally recognized fast-food union.

In a historic move, the workers of a fast-food restaurant Burgerville in Portland, OR became the first federally-recognized fast-food workers union. The Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) is a part of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Portland chapter but is led by Burgerville workers exclusively. They aim to improve conditions for all employees of the restaurant and hopefully set a positive example for fast-food workers nationwide.

“I’m most excited for Burgerville workers and other low wage workers across the country to see us winning the election,” Emmett Schlenz said, a Burgerville employee. “We’re employees, we’re not paid staffers, but we did this; workers can come together to build a better life and a better world. If we can do it, they can do it.”

Even the most well-paid fast food employees are still underpaid nationally, so Burgerville having their victory here could mean a huge step towards better conditions for workers and increasing the minimum wage. This shouldn’t be too much to ask, especially when it is still nearly impossible to live on $15 an hour.


Why it matters to you: Welch’s decided to toss their hat into the Rosé ring with their non-alcoholic version.

This week’s edition of Things Nobody Asked For brings us Welch’s and their non-alcoholic Rosé. This abomination shares common ground with glitter beer, beer foam art, and color-changing gin among other creations we’re sure are coming soon to ruin everyone’s day.  Welch’s announced late last month that this sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage would be hitting shelves soon and sure enough here this pink grape juice is.

All things considered we have nothing against Welch’s, they are an institution built off of grapes that were a part of most of our childhoods in one way or another. That said we don’t have to agree with all of their decisions so here we are. With any luck this will be the nail in the coffin of this year’s most popular drink trend. The occasional cold glass is excellent on a warm day but the bastardized versions of this wine coming out left and right are truly bad. Time to stop. Haven’t we had enough BS this year as it is?!