The Daily Rail: Has Your Restaurant Ditched Salt & Pepper Shakers?

DRINK RECIPE: How to Make the Easy f’real Acai Bowl [Sponsored by f’real]

Acai is one of the trendiest restaurant foods out there at the moment thanks to its delicious, tropical berry flavor and being known as a healthy “superfood.” This recipe makes adding an acai bowl to the menu a breeze with the Easy f’real Acai Bowl recipe.


Wisconsin Has a Drinking Problem

24/7 Wall Street reviewed the adult excessive drinking rate in 381 US metro areas to identity the top 20 drunkest (driest) cities. And, wow, we need to have a sit down and chat, Wisconsin. You’re drinking waaaay too much.

Who is drinking the most? The drunkest cities in America. As featured on  USA Today

Who is drinking the most? The drunkest cities in America. As featured on USA Today

Tom Colicchio Food Hall Project

Tom Colicchio is jumping on the food hallcraze, announcing a 40,000-square-foot food hall set to open in Kanas City in 2020. The food hall is part of The Gateway project, a 17-acre mixed used facility including residential rooms, 200-room hotel, offices, retail, and dining. The food hall will also offer live music, local food purveyors, a demo kitchen, and recreational activities. It’ll include a mix of sit-down dining and walk-up counter service.

Spam Is the Content Most Frequently Removed By Facebook

Between January and March 2018, 97% of all content removed from Facebook was spam -- 837 million posts in total. 21 million posts involving adult nudity were also deleted, 96% of which was found and flagged by Facebook's technology before it was reported. Likewise, 86% of posts containing graphic violence were identified before they were reported with 3.5 million pieces of content either taken down or given warning labels.

Infographic: Facebook's Spring Cleaning  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: Ramsay’s once-iconic restaurant is closing after a massive amount of money lost.

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Mazewas once on top of the world with a Michelin star in tow and all. Now the restaurant is slated to close in 2019 after around 14 years in business. It’ll be replaced with a “new concept”; we suspect some new restaurant group will buy the space and open something else. This all comes after a reported £3.8 million loss, combined with slightly slipping revenues throughout the restaurant group and staff growing by 7% (766 to 820 with the tab changing from £16.8m to £17.4m). Ramsay’s business was also hit by a £1.75m legal bill for costs in a long-running dispute with Rowan Seibel, Ramsay’s former business partner. This story feels all too familiar.

What happened to Ramsay and his restaurant group happens to so many other operators. While there are no foolproof methods we have a few tips. First, watch who you partner with. Having to buyout a partner can crush a restaurant. Secondly, avoid expanding too fast.This is a massive misstep chains make more than anything else. Beyond these tips, if you just stick to your guns, know your market, and stay honest you stand a solid, fighting chance in this industry.



Why it matters to you: Salt & pepper shakers have disappeared en-mas from restaurant tables everywhere.

Do you keep pepper shakers on your restaurant’s tables? Most likely not. There are a few reasons for the absence of salt shakers as well. 

One is they all mainly held cheap, harsh salt that could harm your guests’ food more than enhance it. Two, chefs realized that they don’t like anyone else being in charge of seasoning their food. We get that completely. It’s their job and their art, so we get not wanting guests to add brush strokes. Three, the tables are way too crowded as it is. With the evolution of dining, we have so many different styles now: tapas, shared/communal dining, dim sum, etc. -- all of which lead to there being a ton of dishes covering the table. Having to fit in a salt & pepper shaker is just clumsy in many cases.

So do we all follow suit and ditch the salt and pepper shakers? We’d say ask your chef; they’ll most certainly have an opinion on the matter, but don’t forget to take into account your guests wants and needs. Then decide your move from then on. Worst case scenario, you can stash a few at the waiters’ station for the fussiest of guests. The interesting thing is though most guests wont even think about adding salt & pepper if they don’t see the shakers. Their experience certainly isn’t riding on those little guys either.