The Daily Rail: How Will Weed & Restaurants Join Forces?

MARKETING: 4 Examples of Amazing Off-Beat Bar & Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant operators looking to spice up their restaurant marketing campaigns should think outside the box. Here are some examples of weird, bizarre, fun & off-beat restaurant promotions & bar marketing efforts.


Million Dollar Games

We’ve recently written about how bars and restaurants can take advantage of people’s love for games with video game nights, turning your venue into a bar arcade. It also helps to know whatsome of the most lucrative games are, too. Right now, leading the list is DOTA2 followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Infographic: The Most Lucrative Games in eSports | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

eSports Prize Money is Quickly Escalating

In 2017, worldwide aggregate prize money awarded at eSports tournaments amounted to $121 million, according to EEDAR. Considering that this total doesn’t include a single dollar from Fortnite, the world’s most popular online game at the moment that just got a $100 million prize pool, it is all but certain that 2018 will be another record year in eSports. As the following chart illustrates, prize money has climbed to new records for seven years in a row now with no end to the upward trend in sight. So, what are you doing to score in on the eSports phenomenon?

Infographic: eSports Prize Money Is Escalating Quickly | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


This fantastic infographic is all about Marvel. From Iron Man to Black Panther, the box office to social media, scroll down to see the facts and figures our team has pulled together on the Marvel Universe.

Infographic: All About Marvel | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: With weed becoming legal in many states, restaurateurs are considering the possibilities.

With nine states having legalized marijuana recreationally & medicinally, and an additional 20 whom have legalized it medicinally, it is only a matter of time before restaurateurs considered its place within the industry. What will this all look like? Will you be able to just order a pot brownie for dessert for CBD-infused whipped cream? Maybe, although restaurants would have to retrain their chefs with how to properly infuse different food items. Cooking with marijuana is way more in-depth than it once was; what is possible now is pretty incredible stuff.

So, is it going evolve into a scenario where restaurants can cook freely with cannabis? Doubtful. The rules & regulations being pass would have to line up just right so that restaurants could do so. Even then, restaurants would likely have to warn guests how much cannabis was in each serving or customers would have to buy memberships to the restaurant, turning it would be more of a private club. Portland, OR has a similar structure for its (weed) smoking clubs

You can’t just serve people endless shots with no regard for their wellbeing, so we’re sure if marijuana is ever allowed in the restaurant there will be a similar limit for cut off like alcohol. Who actually knows where this will go from here, we just hope lawmakers figure it out so that nobody drives afterwards when they are so stoned; they have no business behind the wheel…



Why it matters to you: Here are a handful of food trends to expect in the industry this summer.

The changing of seasons always will mean a bevy of new restaurants trends. We see countless come and go every time ,but for this season we wanted to highlight a couple that we think are relatively fail safe and likely to thrive

One, the single-focus concept restaurant. These restaurants pick one item (burgers, French friesmeatballs, etc.) and knock it out of the park. This concept really shows how easy restaurateurs can make it on themselves and their kitchen staff. Do one thing as a group and do it as well as you can. NYC pizza places have been doing it for years. It’s just somehow has taken us this long to reapply this concept to other food styles.

The next trend we are going to be seeing a lot of that we know will be a fail-safe is vegetarian and vegan “junk food.”Think the Impossible Burger and its recent introduction to White Castle. It’s certainly not as healthy as other meals, but that’s not why people go to a place like that anyway. People think that when we go vegan or vegetarian that they don’t want comfort food or some occasional junk. That’s just not the case. As the food evolves, so are the possibilities of what we can make for folks with dietary restrictions. Keep them in mind and keep some delicious “junk food” items on your menus for them, we’re sure it’ll pay off.

Lastly, with summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to breath some fresh life into your frozen drink program. Few things go better with summer than a frozen beverage (alcoholic or not). And if you’re looking for a fun – and super different – recipe, we got ya covered.