The Daily Rail: Restaurants Should Use Caution Before Revealing Their Political Leanings

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Could your restaurant use an upgrade? Whether your service is suffering, or your customer base isn’t where you want it to be, many restaurant owners feel as though their business can use a boost.

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Skunked Beer

Animal Control in Billerica, MA had a good chuckle when they came across a skunk with its head stuck in a Bud Light beer can. Aside from the skunk hitting rock bottom, this definitely gives a new definition to “skunked beer.” Also, how the heck did it fit its head into such a tiny opening? The skunk was brought to a local animal hospital to remove the beer can and will be monitored for a few days.

A Minute on the Internet

According to data compiled by Lori Lewis and Officially Chadd on Visual Capitalist, a single internet minute holds 1 million Facebook logins, 4.5 million videos watched on YouTube, 1.4 million swipes on Tinder (right or left, we can’t say for sure), and a total of 41.6 million messages sent on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. That same internet minute also contains 3.8 million Google queries; 357,222 scrolls on Instagram; and almost a million dollars spent online.

Infographic: A Minute on the Internet in 2019 | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Which Sub Service Has the Best Chance?

There’s a ton of subscription sports streaming services out there. From ESPN+ to The Athletic, to DAZN and B/R Live. But which has the best chance of long-term success? Here’s what some experts think. Also be sure to download our free premium ebook Winning with New Media Entertainment to get a full-list of OTT sports providers and tips for choosing OTT sports services.


Why it matters to you: There can be unintended consequences if you share your beliefs with your community.

 Restaurant owners and operators are citizens of this country and they have every right to express their beliefs in any form they choose. That doesn’t, however, make them immune from the potential consequences of their free speech. The example of Chick-fil-A should be guidance for any of us that want to take a stand. Notice, there was no judgement as to whether Chick-fil-A is right or wrong for making donations to the causes they support. However, it’s crucial to recognize those consequences can be guests not visiting your restaurant. With owner Dan Cathy continuing to support organizations with an anti-LGBTQ bias, he is saying aloud that these are his and his company’s values. If we can discuss this objectively, he has an absolute right, but he can’t be surprised by the inevitable backlash.

Additionally, there’s a difference between having an unpopular opinion and giving millions of dollars to organizations that further it. It’s a calculation that anyone in our industry can and must make before they put their name on any political/social issue. If you have no concerns or don’t care that publicizing your politics will impact your business, then do your thing. Our advice would be to use a cautious approach before you make your positions known. It’s one thing to chat about your world view with an occasional guest; it’s another to use your restaurant as a bully pulpit. If you do the latter, you can’t be surprised when a guest disagrees with their wallet. 

[Source: Grub Street


Why it matters to you: Being recognized as the most allergy friendly restaurant chain in the nation is something to brag about.

It’s no small feat to keep your restaurant allergen-free for guests that suffer from allergy constraints. You may recall our previous blog on the way celebrity chef Ming Tsai has addressed allergy issues at his restaurants. He was inspired by his experience with his own daughter’s allergies to create a great system for training his staff on responding to allergies. This non-judgmental and informative approach has distinguished his restaurants and set a great standard of performance for all of us to aspire. Which is why this list of Most Allergy Friendly Restaurants from AllergyEats is a truly valuable distinction.

The AllergyEats recognition lists restaurant groups that are allergy friendly by large and small chains. The large chains contain a mix of full-service and fast-casual restaurants with Maggiano’s Little Italy and Chipotle comprising the top two. Given the diversity of the menus at both of these chain operators, it’s even more impressive that they have achieved this recognition. In fact, Maggiano’s, Chipotle, and Burtons Grill have all been on the list for the last seven years. It should also come as no surprise that these chains have been growing in both traffic and sales as well. They have committed to their guests and guests reward them by returning. It’s just another signal that operations matter, the job you does matter and no location will succeed without them mattering.

[Source: FSR Magazine]