The Daily Rail: Are Enhanced Employee Benefits the Best Tool to Reduce Restaurant Staff Turnover?

MARKETING: 3 Tips to Master Omnichannel Marketing for Restaurants

When it comes to omnichannel restaurant marketing, one could write a book on tactics, channel-specific strategies, and campaign tips. We won’t try to cover it all. Instead, we bring you three powerful tips that help you lay the groundwork or help reset your marketing plan to attract more guests. From branding to customer relationships and influencer marketing, read on to refresh your strategy.


Plastic Recycling Has a Long Way to Go

Given how little has been recycled over the years, it hardly comes a surprise that the bulk of plastic waste generated in the United States enters landfill. In 2015, 34.5 million tons of plastic waste was generated with only 3.1 million tons recycled. 5.4 million tons were combusted while 26 million tons were landfilled.

Infographic: Plastic Recycling Still Has A Long Way To Go   | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The World’s Biggest Elections

As of 2014, 843 million voters were eligible to vote in India's national election, blowing all other democracies straight out of the water. In the 2016 U.S. election, there were over 214 million registered voters, just a quarter of the size of India's voting pool. This particular election cycle, India is divided by nationalism and rising populism, which democracies across the world are currently contending with.

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World’s Most Popular Brands

This shows the world’s most popular consumer brands based on consumer reach points, a metric that measures how many households around the world are buying a brand and how often, providing a good representation of global shopper choice. Leading the way --- Coca-Cola.

Infographic: The World's Most Chosen FMCG Brands | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Why it matters to you: Uber announces they are slashing delivery prices and Amazon did too.

If you are paying attention, you’ll have seen the Daily Rail has been publishing a review of the various food delivery services available to restaurant operators. Interestingly, there’s been a competitive development in the third-party delivery world: Both Uber Eats and Amazon are basically giving away delivery to keep claiming market share. The chart from Recode by Vox demonstrates that there is no loyalty in the delivery realm. The consumer has no loyalty and orders from multiple services according to data presented. Consequently, the deep pocketed players like Uber and Amazon can afford to lower or even eliminate their prices to capture that loyalty as the nascent market develops.

For operators, the problem is that while dropping their prices for delivery to the guest, they aren’t dropping them to you as a restaurant operator. Of course, that may mean a sales bump if you are already seeing traffic from either Uber Eats of Amazon delivery. The real message here is that the delivery segment is still very volatile. The restaurant industry can only wait to see who wins this Game of Phones (get it, delivery is either called in or ordered on your smartphone). Which is why, our series on delivery is focused on helping you choose the best method to deliver off-premise meals to guests that want your food. Who that is may very well change as delivery continues to disrupt.

[Source: Recode by Vox]


Why it matters to you: Are enhance employee benefits your best tool to reduce turnover?

Here’s a Did You Know: The average tenure of a restaurant employee in 2017 was 56 days. Yup, one month and 26 days later and that person that you recruited, interviewed, selected, and almost had fully trained, disappeared like a bowl of candy in the server station. If your best efforts at retention seem to be falling short, then maybe you could benefit from considering expanding your benefits to staff?

Yes, it feels like the only way to improve retention is to throw money at the problem, but consider how much all this turnover costing you in the first place. This blog on Toast is a nice review of your options to benefit your staff and not destroy your bottom line, because every benefit you can offer doesn’t have to be expensive. Little things like a free shift meal or celebrating someone’s work anniversary can go a long way to demonstrating your commitment to keeping your team in place.

Of course, the benefit you may think is most valuable, health insurance, might actually break your bank if you aren’t careful. However, you can’t ignore the retention influence health insurance has on your team. Small operators are exempt by law from forced provision of health benefits, but that might not be your best course. If your turnover is high enough that it’s disrupting your business, health insurance might be your last best tool to keep your team in place. You should at least review it and determine the potential to reduce your turnover pain.

[Source: Toast Tab]