The Daily Rail: Three Tips for Restaurants in the Low-Employment Paradigm

SOCIAL MEDIA: Sports Bar Marketing Fail: Not Speaking the Language of the Sports Fan

One area in which the majority of sports bars fail on social media, ironically, is on the sports side of things. So many sports-themed locations fail at speak the sports fan language. One would imagine, if you’re running a sports bar or restaurant you’re a sports fan, right? It’s time for these places to talk like a fan.


Maine Says Good-Bye to Polystyrene

Maine has become the first state to prohibit the sale and distribution of polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers. The law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. This follows several similar bans across 14 Maine towns and cities. Similar laws are pending in 10 other states, as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Muslim Fasting Hours

Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, has gotten underway. Because Muslims vow to abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours, those living further north have to go without food and drink for much longer than their counterparts living closer to the equator or even in the Southern hemisphere which is celebrating Ramadan during winter. Muslims fasting for Ramadan in Oslo technically have to do so for more than 19 hours.

Infographic: How Long Do Muslims Fast For Ramadan Around the World? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

XFL Partners with ESPN & Fox Sports

The AAF might be gone, but the XFL has yet to begin its comeback. The season starts next year and has partnered up with ESPN and Fox Sports, giving it an advantage the AAF never had. Games will air on ESPN, ABC, FS1 and FS2. The contract is a multi-year deal, so both league and broadcasters seem to think the XFL will stick around a while. Be sure you’ve signed up to the SportsTV Guide to get the full list of games when the league re-launches.

HOLD ON [Song]

Why it matters to you: If you want to survive the low unemployment paradigm, you have to do these things well, right now!

Finding the right person for the job has always been a difficult task in our business. Given that Bureau of Labor Statistics report announced that unemployment is at its lowest level since 1969, it’s not getting any easier. At a 3.6% unemployment value, you can confidently infer that anyone that wants a job has one. Since we know that the cost of recruiting, interviewing & selecting including their training is as much as $5000 per staffer, it also costs a fortune to choose the wrong person. Which means, now more than ever you have to do a great job finding the right person so they stick around.

This primer on FSR Magazine asserts three key strategies to hiring and integrating the right person onto your team. They specifically call out later two phases of the process of recruiting, interviewing, and selection for their importance. By focusing on these in your screening, you are far more likely to find a person that is right for your operation and one who will stick around longer. But it doesn’t stop at selecting the right person. The primer also points to how important it is to welcome a new employee onto your team. With these strategies you greatly improve the chance that your team is made up of the best candidates even before they start.

[Source: FSR Magazine


Why it matters to you: With ESPN+ and DAZN a lot of content is moving to digital only and there isn’t much you can do about.

We took a support call this weekend about an UFC Fight Night event that a manager couldn’t find on his regular guide. What that manager didn’t know/realize is that the UFC and ESPN struck a deal where much of the content previously available on Fox Sports is now on ESPN+. If you don’t know about ESPN+, it’s because you cannot access it on inline TV (providers like DIRECTV or local cable).  This is a continuation of the trend that has also seen newcomer DAZN hoover up a lot of live sports content for exclusive broadcast on their own streaming network.

It should not surprise you that John Skipper, the former head of ESPN, is the impetus behind DAZN’s meteoric rise in sports broadcasting. This is the next race for sports content and we can all expect it to escalate over the next few years. Yes, we have been pushing this narrative for a while and no, most of you won’t be cutting the cord anytime soon. That being said, you can no longer ignore these and other streaming outlets if you want to provide the content your guests are seeking. Consider yourself alerted, at least as pertains to the UFC and their new approach with ESPN+ -- and all the other streaming stuff that is bound to follow.

[Source: Forbes]