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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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VIEW: What Issues Matters Most to Operators this Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all have our political ideas and leanings, but things get extra mucky when you're a restaurant operator or manager. Here's what political issues matter to our industry and which candidate you’re all leaning toward.


GALLERY: This Week's Best Social Media Promotions for Brunch

It is extremely valuable to pinpoint the trends that bring your restaurant's community together. It's even better to play directly to that audience. Our Citizens of the Rail have been posting hilarious content to their social feeds and this week we are highlighting some of the best Brunch posts.


SCHEDULE: Football Weekend TV Preview - Oct. 22-23

As we enter Week 8 of NCAA football and Week 7 of the NFL, we're still early enough in the seasons that few teams are beyond hope. Here's what games you'll want to show at your sports bar this weekend.





Donald el que lo lea

With obvious no love lost, a Mexican Brewery got the best of some Trump supports recently. Craft brewery Cerveza Cucapá sent their staff to LA with some “pro”-Trump shirts and hats. The twist is that the t-shirts were made with heat-sensitive ink and when worn, the image of a happy Trump turned into a mocking image of him with a clown nose and the message “Donald el que lo lea” – a play on a Mexican joke. Proceeds went to fund a fiesta. Click here to watch the video.




Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Not SpongeBob soon… maybe. Rumors spread recently that everyone’s favorite eccentric sponge was about to get canceled. Have no fear, the studio says that’s rubbish and SpongeBob shall live on!


10 Star Bars

Congrats to Daily Rail subscriber and Citizen of the Rail, Texas Roadhouse, for being named one of Restaurant Business Online’s top 10 bars. Texas Roadhouse has more than 70 boozy beverages on the menu, offering about nine more options that the average concept in the chain’s segment. Drinks all around!




Why it matters to you: Younger generations and millennials are more politically correct than their parents.

A shop famous for their Philly cheesesteaks has removed their second most famous item, a sign stating, “This is AMERICA. When ordering, please speak English” from their shop window. The change comes 10 years after the sign made its first appearance after being gifted to the shop owner. The reason? Death.

 When it was first placed, the sign sparked a national debate about free speech and a charge of discrimination from the city’s Commission on Human Relations. The charges didn’t stand, and neither did the sign after owner Joey Vento died. The owner’s son, Geno, decided to remove it despite it supposedly disobeying his father’s dying wish. A great example of the ability of youth to override the bigotry and prejudice of the old.



Why it matters to you: We love pointing out how restaurant managers suck almost as much as we love celebrating the bosses who get it right.

If you’ve read any one of our lists, we love to make fun of restaurant leaders who continuously get it wrong. But we also love to highlight the ones who get it right…From Thrillist’s Off the Menu comes a story and article that we’re inspired by, “Tales of Genuinely Amazing Restaurant Bosses.”

In that vein, we want you to tell us yours! Did you have a great boss that stood up for you, or helped you out when you were weeded, who ran food like a boss, or handled a particularly difficult guest with aplomb? Let us know! Send your story to



Why it matters to you? Throwing extra money into expanding your restaurant has been turning out poorly for top restaurant chains. 

The restaurant industry is facing a number of headwinds. So say the experts who are predicting a greater number of restaurant closures. This would add to an already large number of restaurant tombstones dotting the industry. From Dan Pablo’s to Cosi and Logan’s Roadhouse, once strong chain groups are falling into oblivion. Operators are left to hope that they can navigate the choppy waters, and continue to appeal to a society with changing restaurant expectations.

Many point to the fact that from 2006-2014 the percentage growth of restaurants (7.3%) actually outpaced U.S. population growth (6.9%). You don’t have to be an economist to know that creates a recipe for disaster. With declining grocery prices and the influx of prepared meal options, restaurants have to be nimble to weather the storm. This includes updating menus to appeal to millennials, partnering with third-party delivery services, and providing catering.