The Daily Rail: Why Your Wi-Fi Shouldn't Suck

October 7, 2016


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The Restaurant Trend That Will Make You Money [Sponsored by Upserve]

You’re in the business of feeding people. But, as you know it’s much more than that. Understanding your guests is always a challenge, mostly because it seems that their preferences are changing faster than you can even change shifts. But hey, we’ve got some handy statistics, to at least guide you in the right direction… for now at least.





End of the Line

The oldest humans can get is 125 years old, according to experts. The change of living so long is one in 10,000. The average upper range is more like 115. Scientists think the limit comes from cell mutations and general “damage” with age.



Lady Gaga is going back to her roots and performing at NYC “dive bars” to promote her new album. She said she got her start at dive bars and is looking to connect with her fans at that level again.




Why it matters to you: It’s the little things that bring guests to your door and coming back for more.

Does your establishment have free Wi-Fi? If it doesn’t, it should. According to a recent survey, free Wi-Fi is a ‘major factor’ when it comes to restaurant choice. When faced with a choice, 66% of people will go to the restaurant with free Wi-Fi over one that doesn’t offer it. The survey also showed that more than half of those polled think Wi-Fi should be more widely available.

When you think about it, free Wi-Fi is a huge benefit. Most mobile phone carriers charge a high price for data. Most people want to conserve their cellular data as much as possible. A guest will be much more apt to post a picture of your signature cocktail or app if they can do so without using a single megabyte from their own plan. In this day and age, free Wi-Fi should be on the menu.



Why it matters to you: You could sponsor a run with the menu item of your choice.  

By now runs of various shapes and sizes should be pretty familiar to most Americans. First, there was the beer mile which has participants chugging up to four beers spread out over a mile run. Now, there’s the pizza mile! A pizzeria in Philly was recently burglarized, and to raise money they decided to host a pizza run in the local community.

The endeavor was a success! At the end of the mile, 25 runners consumed about 15 pizzas between their sprints and surprisingly, nobody puked! At the Rail, we love pizza, but we’re also inspired by the idea of food, running, and community. How could you jump in on the trend? Mile mozzarella stick run, anyone?