Do's & Don'ts: Using cleaning chemicals in your restaurant

Keeping your bar or restaurant clean and hygienic is important. You'll be hard pressed to find someone in the food service industry who'll argue the contrary. But it's easy for establishments to run to extremes, especially when large chain venues like Chipolte get reamed for E.coli outbreaks last year.

It's important to keep your establishment and cooking gear clean, but you don't want to poison your guests in the process. That would just defeat the purpose.

Fortunately, the fine folks over at created a handy Dos & Don'ts cheat sheet you can print out and hang up on your wall.

A lot of these may be "No, duh!" items, but we all could use the a little refresher on the obvious from time to time. So be sure to go over this with your current employees and any future new hires.

The Use Chemicals Safely poster is also available as a downloadable PDF.