Pay for Yelp reviews [Hack #036]

Ask and ye shall receive

That isn’t to suggest that you actually pay people to review you on Yelp, but clearly influencing your guests to say positive things isn’t a bad thing. Technically Yelp would throw an embolism if you actually did this, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. 

It might be as simple as a card in your check presenter that says, “Did you like us? Then please give us a review on Yelp…If Not, Please tell Us”. If you are afraid of the negative things people say, then …well…GET OVER IT! People can be negative, but you already know your regular guests and their tendencies.

Yelp will tell you they filter people’s reviews and it’s true. But they simply can’t filter them all and if yours are populated by positive reviews over a long period of time you can improve your score. It would be like running for the President of the United States and NOT asking for people’s votes, DUMB. It is neither unethical, nor inappropriate to ask.

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