Create team goals that are people oriented not financial oriented [Hack #044]

It'll be easier for staff to understand, strive for

We are so numbers driven that we forget we are managing people and not just the bottom line. Everybody that isn’t self-employed enjoys being part of a group where goals are set, shared and tracked by the whole team. 

Also, there are no shortage of factors in business success that aren’t, strictly speaking, finance driven. Issues like safety/risk management, turnover and guest satisfaction can all be tracked without referencing a specific financial outcome. No one would argue that improving any of those wouldn’t also improve your overall business success. Pick a couple of key factors that focus on the human elements of your business, not the dollars and cents.

Taking turnover percentage and including your team in its results will clearly improve your bottom line and its measure is a human outcome. That measure is the percentage of your team has left your employ over the course of the last time period. Everyone on your team can understand the goal, work towards lowering your results and reap the benefits of the improved operation. 

This example, along with many others, proves that financial measures are relative, but not as relevant, to your team. Making it about people will yield the obvious improvement and some that you didn’t intend. Outcomes such as empowering your team, showing them they are valued and allowing them to be included in the process are a natural consequence of including them in your goals. There are only winners when you measure in people outcomes instead of financial results.

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