Share success data with your full team [Hack #026]

Everyone loves good news

There is nothing better than an “atta boy” to build up team morale. The number of books on building morale that don’t include that nugget is zero. What better thing to share than the metrics that prove the “atta boy” was warranted? There are so many different pieces of good news in the average restaurant that can be shared, it’s impossible to run out of them.

You have likely set goals. So, when you achieve them or even parts of them, share the data to your team as proof that things are going in the right direction. This not a suggestion to share key sales data of information that is sensitive. Instead focus on percentages that reflect directly on the individual or team that accomplishes them.

Find winning numbers even when things could be better. In this case you are trying inspire your staff to aspire to greater performance. You can also introduce concepts that will educate your team. By exposing them to the numbers you also increase their awareness that those numbers matter. There is nothing better than an educated employee that knows the goals.

Goals are a powerful thing. When shared, they can lead to success. 

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