How Hollywood Sees Us: Everything wrong with trendy restaurants

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #8

If you aren’t rolling as you watch this piece you aren’t in our business. This one captures a few incredible truths about our trendiest peers. But does any of it relate to you rank-and-file full-service restaurant?

Here are my favorite moments. At 26 seconds they reference how an appetizer that is in discreet pieces will always be an odd number… and for good measure typically a prime number. Well, duh? That’s exactly right and there is a perfectly rational reason. Just like many restaurants round down their prices to .95 values, this is made to have the guest feel like there is always a little extra. The problem with being disdainful of it, just as many of our apps are shared by three or more folks and eaten as an individual plate.

At 2:10, they tell a great truth about most of our guests. They haven’t the faintest idea what they are drinking. This can be a benefit or a detriment. With wine for instance a great varietal like Austria’s Gruner Vetliner goes untried, but there’s always a guest who will extoll the virtues of White Zinfandel. It is as much our job to educate as to serve.

Trends always seep into our whole industry. Craft Beers, sliders, pork belly and the like all started at the fancy schmancy joints and eventually arrive at yours. Be cautious not to let trendy overtake satisfying to your guest. Vanity may dictate a desire to try new things, try them out in small steps so your guest can make the journey to trendy at their own pace and not yours. Your business will benefit and your place will stay relevant and friendly to those that aren’t trendsetters.