HACK #091: Make Your Restaurant Market Itself

Three tips for restaurant marketing automation.

Independent restaurants sometimes have a difficult time budgeting, planning and preparing for marketing tactics. One strategy to increase your marketing volume doesn’t necessarily involve implementing constant marketing techniques, but to build your business to carry itself marketing wise.

This is often executed with promotional contests. For example, many establishments have outrageous and flashy contests such as eating a five-foot pizza in under five minutes. The winner receives free pizza for the entire month. The contest alone will essentially market itself. Customers will share it via social media but especially from word of mouth.

Other restaurants have seen success with offering free Wi-Fi only in return for a Facebook like or Twitter follow. This strategy will grow your following with little effort on your end. If this approach is too aggressive, use it as an incentive in your Wi-Fi portal such as “If you follow us on social media, you’ll get 10% off your meal, or a free dessert!”

Referral schemes are some of the best reported marketing growth hacks used by restaurants. Referring other is a comprehensive growth tactic that can boost your reach and clientele via your existing customers.

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