Drum Up Excitement with Restaurant Appetizer Giveaways [Hack #087]

Who doesn't love free food?

Many restaurants offer a promotion entered via text message. It’s a great and easy way to engage your guests and to shake up the dining experience. Also, who doesn’t love free food?

Try holding a regular contest and encourage guests to text in for a chance to win one free surprise appetizer. How could they resist? Make an announcement when the winner is chosen and get all the customers involved.

Change the appetizer daily or weekly, and for added success, use an app that isn’t offered on the current menu.

You can promote your weekly surprise app on social media (and possibly with the wining guests) if text messaging isn’t your thing. Just be sure to have your followers at-mention you and use a specially designed hashtag to track entries. This will guarantee to bring new customers to your restaurant. 

Diners will look forward to seeing what crazy new dish you come up with each week!

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