HACK #092: Get Rid of Fruit Flies, Use Fireball

Excuse me, bartender, but what is that fly doing in my shot?

If your restaurant is outside or opens large sliding doors for good weather, then you’ve probably noticed the swarm of fruit flies that comes along with the territory. It can be off-putting for your guests to constantly notice the bartender swat flies away from the garnishes destined for their drinks.  

Luckily, we here at The Rail have spent quite a bit of time working in restaurants, and we’ve used one trick that has yet to fail.

Next time you notice pesky fruit flies buzzing around your restaurant try using either Fireball or Grenadine. Fill a shot glass of either sticky liquid, and then cover it with plastic wrap for tight seal. After the shot glass is sealed up, take a toothpick and poke tiny holes in the plastic.

Leave the shot glass right next to the area where you find the most annoying fruit flies (aka next to the garnish dish), and shortly you’ll notice they are gone. The flies will crawl into the shot glass and get stuck in the Fireball or Grenadine essentially killing them.

Some of found success with using vinegar with the same method but Fireball has worked the best for us in the past.  

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