Create Friendly Competition to Increase Average Check Total [Hack #106]


Everyone would love to try to find a way to increase the net sales for their restaurant. While there is no 100% guaranteed way, we here at the Rail have a tip to try to hack your way through it – gamifying your staff’s sales.

Everyone loves games. They’re are an excellent way to make the work day pass with ease and give obvious objections to complete -- in this case by setting sales goals. By gamifying sales in your restaurant, you can help your employees focus on a common goal and reward them for reaching those goals.

Have a beer promotion? Whoever sells the most of that brand of beer wins a prize! Appetizers not selling as you’d hope? Ok guys, today whoever sells the most apps gets a gift card! These little games help motivate your servers, keep them focused on the important task at hand, and reward them for hitting milestones.

Friendly competition can really take your operation to the next level though. A little fun rivalry with a common goal and even a potential prize can work wonders.

A study by Springzy conducted featured one hosting competition between employees and six “control” restaurants. The study showed an average increase of $0.82 (2.7%) per check, resulting in an additional $2,282.88 in top line revenue for that week! That’s a potential $118,500+ a year, and who wouldn’t want to increase their revenue by that much?

The key is coming up with ideas to engage your staff in the sales process. Our Activate Your Marketing Army ebook covers the basics of staff engagement programs, so you can get your own program up and running.

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