HACK #097: Slip-Proof Your Shoes With Salt and Glue

Making the best out of a sticky situation

Shoes that are not slip resistant are incredibly dangerous working in the restaurant industry. Servers, bartenders, and bussers are constantly rushing through the kitchen and can easily lose their balance if they are not careful. Some restaurants require staff to order slip-resistant shoes as a means of liability.

For employees who don’t want to send the extra money on slip-resistant shoes, there are a couple tricks that have worked well in the past to add traction to work shoes.

Try mixing salt with a rubber glue mixture to coat onto the bottom of your shoes. Just mix the salt-glue mixture in a bowl and brush it on the entire bottom of the shoe. Then let the shoes dry. The mixture should add a nice non slip component to the bottom, perfect for added traction when in the kitchen or walking over a spilled drink.

Of course, the safest bet is to buy slip-resistant shoes, but in the meantime, this is a hack is a great do-it-your-self option.

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