Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Deodorant Stains from Restaurant Uniforms [HACK #098]

We like our staff to look the part, but what we don’t want is for guests to notice how hard our staff is working based on those white zebra stripes smudged under their arms. We get it, our employees work hard, especially during the summer when they are running to and from the outdoor patio, braving that scalding summer sun (and are probably dressed in all black). So we’ve found a way that ensures your staff will always look the part.

One hack that we’ve found can save your staff some cash is removing stains caused from deodorant. This tip not only can help your staff, but also management.

So here’s what to do.

Take a USED fabric dryer sheet and rub the area with quick short strokes. It’s important to use a used dryer sheet as a new one could potentially leave a white residue (something we’re trying to avoid). After a little elbow grease, you should notice the deodorant stains to come out quite nicely. This way you can save your shirt and your wallet a little bit of stress.

If you’re still confused for whatever reason, check out this video of this hack in action.

Bonus: If you’re looking to remove sweat stains (different from deodorant stains), give this trick a try.

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