HACK #096: Use a Hair Straightener to Fix Collars

Make your staff look spiffy

Let’s face it, sometimes a few of our employees roll into work just minutes from waking up. Before the shift begins, some establishments do routine uniform checks to ensure the staff is representing the restaurant’s brand properly.

In some more upscale restaurants, uniforms sometimes take more time and effort into looking presentable -- requiring cleaning, ironing, and prepping. Luckily, there are a couple common tricks that can help our staff appear polished when we’re on a time crunch.

Next time you notice a team member’s collar wrinkled or unfolded, try using a hair straightener to quickly press the collar into a proper crease. This trick has proven very useful for not only collars, but also for last minute touch ups to button down shirts and ties that need a quick press.

First make sure the hair iron is clean of hair products that could potentially stain, then iron over the wrinkled surface. If the hair straightener has adjustable temperature settings we recommend medium, but you can use it on everything from silk (very, very low setting) to sweaters (high setting).

Some establishments even go as far to keep a hair straightener in the employee room for this purpose.

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