How to Make an Easy f’real Simple Smoothie [Sponsored Recipe]

We love fun, eccentric, and novelty frozen drinks just as much as the next person, but sometimes your guests just want something a little more simple. This recipe will show you how to make an amazing frozen drink without the hassle and headaches of major clean-ups.

What’s also great about the East f’real Simple Smoothie is that it really lets you, your bartenders, or your guests customize their smoothie the way they want. Start off with f’real’s smoothie base, add in some fruit puree, and then go to town.

Create a Mixed Berry Smoothie, a Going Bananas! Smoothie, It’s Not Easy Being Green Smoothie, etc. For extra kick and to entice guests, try mixing alcohol with the smoothies, especially rum. A Strawberry Daiquiri Alcholic Smoothie sounds devine!

And don’t forget about the kids! This is also a great base for creating fruit smoothies children will love this summer.

Having simple drink staples like the f’real Simple Smoothie is an easy way of adding frozen drinks to your menu and build an amazing non-alcoholic beverage program with little pain to your staff and budget. Whether you keep the smoothies simple or use it as a jumping off points for some creative alternatives, this base recipe is a great start.

How to make the Easy f’real Simple Smoothie

  1.  Start with a f’real Custom-Made Smoothie base
  2. Add 2 pumps of Monin Fruit Puree (1 oz)
  3. Add ¼ cup of frozen fruits (berries, mango, strawberries, bananas, etc.)
  4. Blend using the f’real B7 Foodservice Blender
  5. Garnish with fruit, add a straw & serve!