How to Make the Easy f’real Cherry Milkshake [Sponsored Recipe]

Any successful frozen drink program needs has a variety of options for guests to choose from – everything from creative and novelty milkshakes to the simple smoothies to rejuvenate the spirit on hot summer days. But no frozen beverage program would be complete with the classics.

Enter: the Easy f’real Cherry Milkshake. This tasty treat is a milkshake classic, a throwback to the days when shakes, frappes, and cabinets were menu royalty at local diners and soda stores.

The Easy f’real Cherry Milkshake is full of that tart cherry flavor topped with sweet and airy whipped cream your guests will love. And by using the f’real Blender, set up, creation and clean-up is a breeze.

Oh! Don’t forget to add a cherry on top. Sometimes it pays to be cliché.

How to make the Easy f’real Cherry Milkshake

  • Remove the lid from a f’real shake base or vanilla milkshake
  • Add one ounce of Monin Cherry Puree
  • Add ¼ cup frozen cherries
  • Blend in in the f’real Blender
  • Top with generous amounts of Rich’s On Top
  • Add a cherry and a straw and serve

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