The Daily Rail: Restaurants Need to Embrace Tech to Win Over Younger Staff & Guests


STRATEGY: How to Get More Women in Your Bar (Provided by Bar Restaurant Success)

The more women in your bar, the more people you'll attract. Do you agree? I think it's safe to say that's true. If you want to build out the most profitable Ladies Night that gets women excited week after week, you need to give them the best possible experience. Follow this one simple strategy and you'll have more women in your bar than ever before.


Top Challenges of SMBs

The top challenge for small business owner across the U.S. is hiring qualified staff and keeping them around, according to a new quarterly report from Wells Fargo and Gallup. This concern has doubled in five years, skyrocketing to a top issue for small business owners. The tight labor market is making it difficult for all companies—big or small—to retain staff and keep positions filled. Be sure you’re winning the War for Talent with our webinar.

Infographic: Attracting New Business Is a Top Challenge for SMBs | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Countries with Most Reported Measles Cases

All regions of the world experienced have experienced measles outbreaks and Africa was the worst impacted with cases up 700% compared with the first three months of 2018. Madagascar is struggling with a devastating outbreak with at least 800 people dying from the disease since September of last year. It remains the country with the highest number of measles cases worldwide with 46,187 instances confirmed between January and April of 2019.

Infographic: The Countries With The Most Reported Measles Cases | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

NFL Network Pulled from U-verse & DirecTV Now

The NFL Network was pulled from AT&T U-verse and DirecTV Now. According to AT&T, “As we continue to manage costs, we could not reach an agreement with the NFL…” Considering we’re in the off-season, this isn’t the end of the world. However, the ’19-’20 season schedule and the NFL Draft both happen later this month, so subscribers will miss out on some content. NFL fans, of course, are not happy about the drop.


Why it matters to you: Embrace technology and you’ll be embracing your next staff/guest cohort.

I have often described the generational difference between Millennials and Baby Boomer/Gen Xers in these terms: Millennials are digital natives and Baby Boomers are digital immigrants. In fact, it appears that I have been missing a more elemental component. We have all heard the trope that Millennials are more tech savvy, but according to Jason Dorsey, a Millennial/Gen Z expert (whatever that means), the difference isn’t savvy, but dependence. This reality is a further confirmation that restaurant operators need to make these digital investments for their own well-being. Let’s face it: your employees aren’t Baby Boomers and when you ask adults 18-34 if restaurant technology increases convenience 70% agree.

This means from the technology you use to manage your business to the tech you leverage to market your restaurant, both your current employee pool and your current/future consumers want you to embrace it. Whether you use your commitment to technology to attract a better quality employee or to entice a guest via your digital presence to visit, these investments are inevitable and necessary. Check out our Resources page for several options we have that support you embracing technology from training to scheduling. If you aren’t opening your arms to technology, you may be closing your arms to great employees and future guests.

[Source: National Restaurant Association]


Why it matters to you: Understanding what it costs to open a restaurant is your first task in doing so.

We are big fans of infographics here at The Daily Rail. Information presented in graphic imagery is a powerful way to convey meaning and make complex ideas more understandable. This infographic that appeared on Modern Restaurant Management is a perfect example of this paradigm. This graphic in particular demonstrates just how expensive and complicated it is to fund your new restaurant dreams. The costs outlined are a comprehensive view of all the expenses associated with either leasing or buying a restaurant.

The data in the infographic covers everything from licensing to ongoing labor expenses. Unfortunately, it also paints a picture that might intimidate some out of taking on the task of opening a new restaurant operation. Whatever your aspirations, a cold dose of reality shouldn’t be unwelcomed. Opening a restaurant is serious affair. From the builders to the vendors to your staff, you will be impacting a lot of people. A sober accounting of what is required should be the standard. So, take a peek at the infographic and take that first step to finally realizing that dream of your own restaurant -- or not.

[Source: Modern Restaurant Management]