Ensure Your Restaurant Never Gets Cited in an OUI Incident

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As a 32-year veteran restaurant manager, I can tell you some stories about the consequences of overserving a guest. In fact, I operated a chain of billiard clubs in the ‘90s and we had a fatality at one of the locations for which I was responsible. Mind you, I wasn’t there; I didn’t serve a single drink and even the courts absolved us of any legal liability.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t matter to the family of the woman who lost her life. And, frankly, it didn’t matter to me.

What did matter is that we allowed an intoxicated individual (the driver whom we didn’t serve because he arrived drunk) to leave without intervening. From that incident forward, we implemented a mandatory responsible alcohol service training system to ensure we never repeated that mistake again. In the intervening 20 years, that operation has not had a single citation or referral for an “operating under the influence (OUI)” incident.

I’m proud that the systems I put in place have survived my presence and even prouder that the result was no one else ever getting hurt again.

Operators are Responsible for Properly Training Their Restaurant’s Staff

Restaurant operators and owners are responsible for training their staff on safe alcohol practices.

The responsibility and effort required back then to train my staff were significant. At that point, there was no Internet, so we paid for classroom space and ran responsible alcohol service seminars quarterly for our 200 employees. It was a job that, as the director of operations, I did myself because I felt it was too important to delegate. Arguably, times have changed and as a result the best method to deliver this training has also changed.

That is why we are so excited to announce that we have partnered with 2Cool Server Training to create an exclusive offer to our subscribers for online responsible alcohol service training. Starting in June, subscribers will get access to this top training system to ensure that their staff qualify for certification as responsible alcohol servers.

The class is 100% online and the certification is delivered to both your staff member and you to include in their files. This service is certified by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission, which has the most stringent standards in the country. However, it’s valid in any state to demonstrate to your insurance carrier that you have a program in place.

The best news is that not only will your team get great training and preparation for managing alcohol service, but it will also be for a price that makes it truly affordable. For just $13.95 per person, when you commit to 10 training sessions, it couldn’t be easier.

Don’t let a tragedy be the reason you address the responsible service of alcohol at your location. Take preventative measures now. It’s never been easier to get it done. We look forward to helping you do just that!