HACK #093: Absorb Trash Bin Liquids with Newspaper Lining

This hack is hot off the press

Taking out the trash isn’t exactly the easiest task in a restaurant. Often, we are throwing away everything from food, napkins, and often liquids that can make for a messy job. It is also extremely unsanitary for the trash to be leaking onto the kitchen floor when meals are being prepared just inches away.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do to prevent tears in the trash bags, but we do have a cool hack that may make this much more manageable.

Line the bottom of the trashcan with old newspaper. The paper will absorb any liquids that has seeped out of the bag along with reducing the smell. Some people even line the inside of the trash bag with newspaper – taking things a step further.

This little trick will be greatly appreciated by your closing staff in the long run.

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