Watch January's RailTALK and Defend Your Staff, Guests Against Sexual Harassment

As we welcome a new year at The Daily Rail, we are excited to announce some new programming we will deliver in 2018. First and foremost is our newest department – RailTALK.

RailTALK is our new monthly video blog conversation with industry experts and professionals from our own audience. Our inaugural vlog event will take place on January 31st at 4pm EST when we take on one of the biggest issues facing our industry in 2018 and beyond -- sexual harassment and assault.

A Serious Topic for Restaurants

If you have been reading The Daily Rail regularly, then you know we are very serious about this topic. Consequently, we have invited Lauren Taylor from and to join a panel in discussing the realities that restaurant employees face from guests, co-workers and even their supervisors. is an incredible resource for anyone looking to understand and combat sexual harassment/assault in their work place. From support to victims to showing operators a better way, is wealth of best practices and other resources to ensure operators get this issue under control.

You can sign up to watch the free livestream here or via the in-line registration below.

Keeping Your Staff Safe

As the past few months have demonstrated, our staffs are vulnerable to harassment and even assault while working in our restaurants. It shouldn’t take a wealth of empathy to realize this is a terrible situation to put anyone in, particularly your staff for whom you care. While the foremost reason for combatting a hostile environment in your restaurant is the responsibility we all have to our employees, there a host of compelling reasons to address this issue proactively in your restaurant.

Our inaugural RailTALK event will cover those as well. You will leave with a concrete way to deliver a safe and healthy work environment for your team and protect them from predatory behavior, but that’s not all. You will also, know how to create a place where the vulnerable feel that safety and want to stay employed. There is simply no downside to examining your restaurant’s performance and making it better.

Future RailTALKs

While our inaugural RailTALK topic may seem heavy, we won’t be taking it easy with our subsequent events. In February look for a deep dive into supercharging your sales via suggestive selling. Then in March, we are delivering a big time conversation about getting inventory right.

If you have any subject you think merits a live conversation, please either reply to your Daily Rail newsletter or put it in the comments below. We want this to be an audience sourced program and look forward to your participation. So, we’ll see you on January 31st at 4pm EST to get serious about RailTALK.