5 Signs Your Restaurant Needs an Interior Fitout

As you know, the restaurant industry is highly competitive. There are a myriad of choices for customers, and margins are small for restaurant owners. Using a positive advantage is an excellent way of running a successful restaurant. It is crucial for you to offer great service, excellent food and beverages, and a unique ambiance.

If your dining establishment does not have attractive and functional decor, it won’t matter if you are serving good food. Oftentimes, guests won’t come back or even recommend your restaurant to their family and friends if the experience is lousy. And that is something you do not want.

Service and the food are definitely part of the experience, but often overlooked is the restaurant’s overall design and layout. A top interior design company share the top five reasons for restaurant owners to think about having an interior design makeover.

1. Presence of health hazards

One of the top reasons for renovating your restaurant is the presence of health hazards like mould and asbestos. Mould occurs because of humidity. Kitchens use plenty of water and it’s quite difficult to keep moisture levels low to minimize the growth of mould.

Moreover, older buildings made use of asbestos for building or electrical insulation. Should it become exposed, it must be removed by a professional because of its links to serious lung illnesses like pneumoconiosis and cancer. If you have concerns about the same health hazards in your dining establishment, it is time for you to renovate. 

2. Diners say it’s time for a change

Your restaurant must be a comfortable space for your guests. They should feel like they are in a home away from their homes. Staff members may be welcoming but the overall environment must be comfortable as well. If you are concerned about uncomfortable chairs or a drab paint job, consider asking for opinions from diners.

As a restaurant owner, you must listen to your guests. And if they can’t be at ease whenever they visit your restaurant, it is time for an interior design makeover.

3. Everything is worn out

Anything that is old or worn will eventually need replacement. Renovation costs will make sense if you are investing in upgrades today rather than dealing with costly equipment failures in the future.

Chipped wood, broken rungs, and sagging seats all indicate your restaurant needs a makeover. If the dining establishment is in a state of disrepair, it is vital to act fast. Make sure that everything is working properly. Worn out or poorly-made materials are annoying and are a clear indication that change is necessary ASAP.

If you haven’t renovated your restaurant in a long time, you are not putting your best foot forward. Fresh and modern designs will convey an image of modern food. This will also encourage current customers to return and attract new diners to visit. You need to implement significant upgrades. For instance, new light fixtures will create an ideal ambiance and new furnishings can help maximize the use of space.

Targeted repair works will extend the electrical systems and the mechanical life of plumbing, and will reduce operating costs that greatly affect your monthly bills. Interior fitout companies recommend slipping in some customer-pleasing amenities like free Wi-Fi and in-house music.

4. High energy costs

It is hard to control the cost of food ingredients, so you don’t need the added headache of high monthly utility bills.

Energy-efficient remodeling will give you some respite from increasing gas and electric costs. It also guarantees the comfort of both staff and customers. Your options include air-lock entryways, retooled HVAC systems, and insulated window installations.

Upgrading your restaurant’s lighting is also crucial. Interior LED lights and exterior metal halide lighting can significantly reduce your monthly electricity costs. 

5. Kitchen traffic jams are hurting your service

The kitchen cannot produce its best if staff members are working on top of each other. Wait staff must deliver food on time, but they cannot navigate safely and properly in a narrow line full of trays and hot plates.

Work with reputable commercial fit out companies knowledgeable about production logistics. These experts will know how to make space where it is needed and create wide working rooms for the constant traffic to get food on diners’ tables on time. 

Even when your menu is flawless and reservations are constantly coming in, there will come a time when your restaurant’s interior design will need a makeover. As a restaurant owner, you must know when it is time to redesign.

Just as a spa treatment or a haircut gives you a boost in self-confidence, your restaurant will benefit from upgrades as well. Now is the time to renovate.

Shane Curran, CEO at Interact Group LLC. Interact Group is a design-led interior fit out company that aims to set new standards in the UAE interiors market. Driven by their dedication to total customer experience, the company's mission is to bring truly specialized teams to complex design and fit out challenges, utilizing their unmatched ability to deliver spaces efficiently and above expectation.