Appreciating the Diversity in our Restaurant's Kitchens [WATCH]

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #31

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) pits cultures in a wonderful adaptation of the Richard Morais’ novel of the same name. The trailer does an admirable job of depicting how real life cultural divides can be bridged through food.

In this case, a chef of Indian descent proves that new and interesting are objective goods to an industry veteran. In the process he’s introduced to the classical French methods which transforms his cooking.

It’s a truth that is played out in kitchen all over our country. If you have ever worked in a kitchen dominated by Mexican staff, you have like tasted Chilaquiles as a morning meal and appreciated it’s mix of savory and rich flavors. Or maybe you have worked in a fusion-styled restaurant with multiple ethnic chefs. You see how that mixes into an appreciation for that which is delicious but not native.

Diversity is what makes our kitchens (and our country) great and our industry is perfectly tuned to be a place where it can be explored and celebrated.